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Press & sEWE Table II

Looking for gift ideas for Christmas? The Press & sEWE table is a great one for those who like to hand sew. This table sits on your lap and the top adjusts up, down and tilts to your comfort level. The adjustability of the top gives support your hands, arms and project thereby reducing neck and shoulder strain you normally get when you hunch over your work. The table top has a wool pad under the cover so you can iron on it too. The cover is removable for washing or replacing (not that we ever scorch anything). The bottom has 2 magnets on the right side, one to hold the matching pincushion, the other for scissors or needle threaders. On the left side there are 2 spool holders. The matching pincushion has a magnet in the bottom so it sticks to the board and it is filled with crushed walnut shells. The pincushion is packaged separately in case of nut allergies. Covers are made using quilt grade fabric and most have a sewing theme.

Just place the Press & sEWE table on your lap and loosen the knobs to adjust the tilt and height of the table top. Once you have the desired position, tighten the knobs to hold it in place.

Ideal to use while sitting in your chair, traveling in the car, or taking to retreats. Useful for hand binding your quilt, applique, embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint. Some friends use it as a book rest in bed. :)

Size: Top / base - 8 x 12"; Height fully extended - 9"; Height closed - 4"; Weight - 2.5 lbs approx

Each table is individually hand made and assembled in our workshop.

Included: Press & sEWE table, removable fabric cover, matching magnetic pincushion & wool pressing mat.

$59 + free shipping on our Etsy site.


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