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Non Slip Rulers - Really?

Well I don't know about you, but I have purchased several rulers that are not supposed to slip and they did! :( I've tried sandpaper dots, sticky dots, etc and not much luck. It seems like I get to the very end of the cut and then "opps". I either cut too large at the end wrecking the next piece or too small wrecking the piece I just cut. I don't know what it is but I am definitely "end of cut" challenged. I bought a special cutting board with a built in guide and that helped. However, it was heavy to carry to retreats and wasn't really any help cutting small shapes. Then one day a friend of mine was raving about another non-slip ruler. With great skepticism (but always hopeful) I tried her ruler and EUREKA! It didn't slip! I quickly ordered one of my own since none of the quilt shops in my area carried them. My friends and I are now slowly replacing our old rulers with these.

What is the name of cutting wonders? Quilters Select Non Slip Rulers. They have a special coating on the back that truly adheres to your fabric. The non slip back is slightly opaque but I do not find that it interferes with lining up the marks on the ruler with my fabric edge. There are a variety of sizes and more to come. I do not get anything for raving about these, but, I think they are definitely with promoting because they work and make cutting more accurate with less waste.

QS Video & Reviews:

Do you have a wonder tool? Let me know. Next week - BlocLok

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