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Covid 19 & the Quilter

My world has changed since the virus came

Nothing is quite the same

My friends and family I cannot greet

All I can do is sew and eat

My hair’s too long, my roots have grown

Fourteen quilt tops I have sewn

My stash that seemed a luxury

Has now become my sanity

I never knew this day would come

When all my projects might get done

My fabric is in short supply

I’m afraid that I might cry

The only thing that I foresee

Is the day that I’m set free

To get in the car and drive like mad

To the fabric store and be sooo bad

I will shop with delight and glee

Nothing will be stopping me

I will not care if there is a sale

Fabric will be the holy grail

The charge card will surely sing

The cash register will ring and ring

My friends and I will dance with joy

As our addiction we employ

Quilt groups will meet to play

Our show and tell will fill the day

And our life will be so grand

When this virus leaves our land

Carla Terrill 2020


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