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BlocLok Rulers

Another of our favorite tools, Bloc_Lok. Accuracy is key in quilting. You can't make a good looking quilt if all the blocks are wonky. Bloc_Loc makes handy rulers that have a groove in them to "lock" on the seam of your quilt block and prevent slipping as you cut. These rulers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I love them for my half & quarter square triangles. These rulers make blocks easy to square up and come out accurate. Hint: make your initial square just a bit larger than the pattern calls for so you have some room to play with. For example, if the pattern calls for a 2 1/2" square, cut it 3". Sew as directed. Press the seam to one side. To square up your block, "lock" the ruler on the center seam and cut 2 sides. Slide the ruler down the seam and cut the other 2 sides. Ta da, a perfect half square triangle! The ruler can even help you square up your block if it comes out a little wonky.The site has tips & videos to show how to use the several different shape rulers that they sell. Definitely worth checking out!


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